Dear Jac (Part I)

Congratulations! You’re now 24, you’ve finally visited Africa, you’ve finally checked Devil’s Pool off your list. What’s next?

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Zimbabwe, a name I’ve thought about thousands of times. Why? Erm. Fair question, I’m not sure really. Maybe the hyper inflation, maybe Victoria Falls, maybe because of the owl sculpture you bought in Australia that sits on your dresser that marked “Made in Zimbabwe”.

So it began with a bit of chaos. I’ve always remembered my flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is at 0700 on 26 September. On 26 Sep, I got home at around 0030 and thought I should do online check in, bath, and pack. Instead, I realised my flight is at 0230, and I’m arriving Ethiopia at 0700. Fabulous! I stuff all sorts of junk into my suitcase within 10 mins and took a taxi to the airport. Miraculously, I’ve only forgotten my ballerina, slippers and nail clipper. I call it a success lol

Arriving in Harare, I stayed with a super nice couchsurfer for 2 days and we went to Lake Chivero (See here) and saw the FIRST GIRAFFE of my life!!! That’s love at first sight guys ‚̧

Lake Chivero, Harare, Zimbabwe

We almost saw a rhino too!!! Arrrrrrg!!!! That would be amazing. Nonetheless, we saw some funny ostriches, zebras, baboons, all sorts of antelopes. So you see. In Hong Kong we don’t have such things as animals. (Sort of..) And I had a HARD TIME when I first face that much of animals. I. JUST. DON’T. KNOW. THE. NAME. OF. THE. ANIMAL! Ouch. Okay I know there’s such thing as antelope. But in Chinese you’re classifying them by size and place. So a steenbok would be “Small antelope” in Chinese, eland would be “big antelope”, a waterbuck is “African big antelope”. Come on. You have to admit it’s WAY more efficient!

To save a bit of time time, I chose to fly to Victoria Falls on my birthday so I can do gorge swing even though I couldn’t make it on time for Devil’s Pool in Zambia. Guess what. Oh right. Delay. 3 HOURS DELAYED! THANK YOU!!! One piece of advice for anyone who are planning to go to Zimbabwe. Trust everyone and everything EXCEPT TRANSPORTATION! (#1)

Gorge Swing, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Landed in Victoria Falls at 4pm, I rushed to find a company that allows me to do the gorge swing since most have closed for the day. For fuck sake I don’t want to miss it!! Okay. Fine. I’m a little too desperate. But that’s really the only thing I want for myself.. ūüė¶ I MADE IT!!! I totally recommend Wild Horizon (See website). They are efficient and provide a wide rage of services too! I spent 95USD for the gorge swing and other company would offer other spots like bridge swing. Yeh it’s not the cheapest thing but it’s so much fuuuuuuuuun!

Although everyone was saying the Lookout Cafe (See here) is a must-go, I find it MEH. Maybe because I’ve seen everything while I did the gorge swing HAHAHAA

View from Lookout Cafe, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

As they recommended falling with the back would be the most exciting, and so I did. The price is (almost) breaking my neck and I coudln’t get up properly for the whole week (and hence missed the white water rafting!! DAMN!!!!!!!). Despite my funny situation, I went to Zambia the next day for the long-awaited Devil’s Pool.

Devil’s Pool, Livingstone Island, Zambia

Devil’s Pool is located on the Zambian side. Sitting on the edge of the Victoria Fall have been on my list for at least 5 years, and I have finally done it!! Again, I went with Wild Horizon and it was 95USD including breakfast and transportation to Zambia. I’m so glad that I did it because there’s only a very short period of time you can visit the Devil’s Pool each year during the dry season. And even so, it’s not guaranteed it’s a good day to dive in this magnificent and mystical pool.

The Loo With A View, Livingstone Island, Zambia
The Loo With A View, Livingstone Island, Zambia

The island itself has nothing much to offer but the loo definitely caught my attention. lol

Back to the Zimbabwean side of the fall, I finally got a chance to wear my Qipao and the view is simply stunning. It’s like traveling back in time..

Victoria Fall, Zimbabwe
Victoria Fall, Zimbabwe
Sunset, Victoria Fall, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is breathtaking. Yet, most of the people struggling to survive in this country. While I was visiting the Victoria Fall train station, I met the janitor of the station and he told me how fucked-up the railroad company is. It’s partially government-owned but it’s been 11 months since all workers paid absolutely nothing for their job. Once you go on strike, they will arrest you and put you in jail. You can stay in the company’s accommodation, but they charges double for what you can get in the village. This is simply sick..

Victoria Falls Train Station, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The janitor then brought me to his friend, the in-charge of the steam train, whom, unsurprisingly, also received absolutely nothing for his work.

The abandoned steam train, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

It’s very hard to believe how a daily run, partially government train can be so crooked and I felt so sorry them.

Janitor and the in-charge, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Janitor and the in-charge, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

While Victoria Falls is one of the most popular tourist spots in Zimbabwe, life is so different for tourist and locals. Especially after visiting Chinotimba, one of the villages of Zimbabwe. I’ve became friends with the guard of Shoestring Backpackers (see here). He loves Africa. He loves Zimbabwe. He was so eager to show me how people actually live.

Chinotima, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Chinotima, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

I visited his family and had a blast with some of the kids in the neighborhood. Struggling with life, kids in Zimbabwe never give up learning and believe the importance of studying. Zimbabwe has one of the highest, if not the best literacy rate, in Africa. For the little they have, they are kind, have a big heart, and friendly. I am super thankful for all people I’ve met in Zimbabwe!


That girl in Qipao


Two Ways To Heaven. MY Kota Kinabalu.

Kota Kinabalu is kind of the first trip of the year. It’s a rough year and it’s a looooooong story.

Pier, Kota Kinabalu

So. The “not again…” Singapore. Negligible.

Qingdao trip, which my hotel got canceled suddenly, and flight delayed for a freaking 5.5hrs. And my trip shortened from two days to one day. Fabulous!

Booked a trip to Seoul. The amazing MERS swept through Korea just DAYS before my trip, so my trip got canceled. Wunderbar.

Kota Kinabalu. A trip I’ve booked ages ago, experienced¬†the strongest earthquake of Mount Kinabalu. Woohoo! So I booked Bangkok¬†instead for the exact time period.

Guess what. There’s a bomb in Bangkok. So I canceled my Bangkok trip and settle for Kinabalu.

And so, I visited the Chinese-bombarded Kota Kinabalu for four days.

Expecting to enjoy that sun of the beach, and hike for two days. End up doing none of those, but gave an interesting touch to this overwhelmed place.

So. Back to the topic of how people go to heaven in Kota Kinabalu.

First. Climb the freaking Mount Kinabalu. AKA, God’s Mountain. Duh, so obvious. And I didn’t choose this method.¬†I (thought I) couldn’t hike because an interview is needed. As I thought I’m not gonna pass this interview with¬†this haven’t slept for a week walking dead untrained body, I decided to skip the two days and one night¬†hike and do a mild trail instead. Oh well, not that the trail wasn’t fun, but have I know that the “interview” was merely a “passport photocopy and you’re good to go” kind of thing, I’ll definitely do it!! Dammit!¬†Nonetheless, I did join the 1 hour trail and the 19-year-old guide John was amazing and fun!

Canopy Walk, Mount Kinabalu

I’ve¬†also did the canopy walk (see here). TWICE! Once in proper hike attire and once in Qipao. I should have worn high heels to climb that hill too lol. Running up and down like a crazy lady, there’s a guy shouting “HEY! You’re the girl in Cheongsam!” ūüôā

Waterfall.. lol, Kota Kinabalu (This is kind of a disappointing one :S)

Kota Kinabalu¬†is a 20-minute town. I’ve been traveling from East to West daily on foot and I guess I’ve at least walk through the whole town for no less than 15¬†times in 4 days. No kidding.

Local houses/Resort, Kota Kinabalu

On the second day, I’ve visited the local area¬†in Kota Kinabalu. Sitting just outside the Kota Kinabalu¬†downtown, it’s a completely different world. Sharing the great sunset and location, a resort is located right next to this township and this have got to be one of the most sarcastic¬†place I’ve ever seen. Literally, basic¬†houses on the left, resort on the right. That’s it.

I met a lot of fun people in the area. There’s a boy who loveeeeee my necklace so I gave him and he looked like Egyptian King haha. But the cutest boy of all, he’s 7 years old who love studying. Spoke fluent English and love science. We end up chatting for an hour or so, too bad I couldn’t take a picture with him ūüė¶

The funny thing is, once I pull out my iPad, those kids, speaking basic English keep yelling SELFIE SELFIE!! Haha

Local houses, Kota Kinabalu

The second way to heaven, which is also the way I took, is to dive in the fresh fruit lane. OH MY GOD. Fruits EVERYWHERE, and they are awfully cheap!!! It would cost at least 5 times more in HK! Not only are the fruits fresh, they are unique too! Durian, the King of fruits, and mangosteen, the queen. This place is heavenly!!

Food and wet Market, Waterfront, Kota Kinabalu

I can’t help but over stuffed myself with durian. It’s.. It’s.. It’s simply beyond words.. The Mao Shan King is the King of the King and they are right. The gush of scent of the Mao Shan King lingering on my¬†lips and fingers.. Nothing can quite compare to that. I have tasted heaven. :3

Night fruit market (THE Mao Shan King ladies and gentlemen!), Kota Kinabalu

The best thing about being a solo traveler is to have all food you want. The worst thing about traveling alone though, is you have way too much food to finish by your own. I would consider myself having a big appetite. Okay. Everyone agrees I have wayyyyyyyyyy too much appetite and eat way too much. But still. Trying¬†out all dishes without wasting any is simply impossible traveling alone. For the seafood below, it’s considered as a two person portion and a finish them all. Proud. hahaha. It’s really good and is a quarter of the price in HK!! (See here)

Welcome Seafood, Kota Kinabalu

And so. These. Are the two ways to heaven in Kota Kinabalu. Nothing much about Qipao, nor wowing at all like Jordan but I did enjoy muchly! (Mainly the food part I have to admit lol)

That Girl In Qipao

Qipao from random shop in Hong Kong
Shoes from Tod’s

What Just Happened?

Petra, Jordan

It’s been another long while.

A very long while.

It’s been too long that I’ve been siting in the lost and found counter, long enough to be forgotten, by myself even. But I’ve been found. I’ve faced (probably still is at the moment) in one of the longest quest of finding my way. The new job is suffocating. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my job, and I love what I’m doing. But I don’t seems to click with my manager and that sucks. Especially when I love my job..

Haven’t been travel at all lately, except for visiting a dear friend in Singapore and didn’t even have time to wear a Qipao for a nice photo.. And the Korea trip was canceled due to MERS. What a shame!!! But at least I still got the photos taken in Jordan to ease my traveling thirst haha!

Without further adieu, I introduce you, the MAGNIFICENT PETRA *Drumroll please!!*

Petra Petra, Jordan

I am not kidding. I have been hiking in this Qipao and ballerina, up and down the hill, climb up and down the rock and everything was not planned. I’m (definitely) not a sporty person, but I do love climbing. I used my (not really existing) sports climbing skills and climb all these rocks for 2 days straight. I think I deserve a round of applause. lol

IMG_1091Petra, Jordan

Everyone said 2 days are more than enough for Petra. I’m telling you those are BS. I’ve been to Petra for four days and it wasn’t even close to enough. I can easily stay there for more than a week and still find it super fun. For their traveling style, just for taking pictures, check-in on facebook, maybe two days are just enough. In Petra, everything is magical to me. One of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. The bedouin invited me back to their caves to enjoy the starry night and for the amazing Jordanian whiskey (i.e. tea with excessive sugar and sage. And that’s ADDICTIVE!!!) and the tasty dinner as well. I love Jordanian food so damn much I’m not even kidding.

IMG_1102Right above the Treasury, Petra, Jordan

My arse, I won’t lie. Hiking with this dress is no easy at all. It is not flexible at all and I can’t walk fast in it. But it’s definitely worth the trouble I tell you. For all the breathtaking view, and one-of-a-lifetime in Petra experience. (For I still have waistline for this dress and for pictures. Shut up I know I eat too much. SUE ME!)

Petra, JordanUp Up way above the Treasury till the end of the world, Petra, Jordan

And so you thought I’m kidding when I said till the end of the world? Dear, please. I don’t lie.

Petra, JordanSacrifice, View of the end of the world, Petra, Jordan

And the sign mean it. I do feel like I’ve seen the end of the world.

On the way back from the Sacrifice, I thought much about life. I don’t want to leave the place. I love it. I simply attached to sunset. I feel exactly the same one year earlier in Burma, when I saw one of the best sunsets in Pagan.

IMG_1296Valley next to the Sacrifice View, Petra, Jordan

Me and my guide, which I suddenly had, without asking me to pay him, we spent a fabulous fabulous sunset on this red mat he had. Chilling and enjoying fag, having a nice talk, with his donkey with him. Traveling is never only about the things I’ve seen. It’s about the people I’ve met along the way. Locals, fellow travelers, taxi drivers, they have given me the extraordinary travel experience. I am a goldfish, and these beautiful view I will one day forget unwillingly. The people I’ve met, they have tattooed in my memory and never fades.


The donkey and the red blanket, Petra, Jordan

This is the little donkey that carried us all the way up to the Sacrifice view. I felt so bad as I’m an animal lover and I insisted not to be carried by a donkey, yet the guide insisted I have to. This trembling donkey carried us both, sometimes alternatively up and down hill and back home. Although the boy did not asked me for any money, I gave him a huge tip and as well asked him to treat his donkey as well. He said “of course. I love my donkey and we give him enough rests and donkey doesn’t work everyday. They take turns”. I can tell that he really likes his donkey and they work as a team instead of treating them as cash cow (cash donkey..? lol) I regret so much for not taking a picture with this nice guide and I may never be able to get it touch with him ever again..

Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

Despite my long stay in Petra, I’ve only seen 10% max of it. I have yet to see the Lion Triclinium, to actually walk through the Siq, to the tea houses and caves that I haven’t yet discovered. But untill then, Jordan, one of my favs, aufwiedersehen.


That girl in Qipao

Qipao from Koon Nam Wah (See more) Chinese version only
Shoes from Tory Burch

Counting down

Kung Hei Fat Choi everybody! It’s the awesome Lunar New Year this week and I am bloated. Food, tons of food, endless amount of food did a great wrap up of my fulfilling (my tummy) week *Patting and rubbing my belly*

So you see, saying goodbye is never easy especially for emotional wimp.. Counting down to my first life-changing move. Saying goodbye to my comfort zone, my little cocoon is definitely one of the hardest thing I’ll have to do. There will be endless tears and tissue paper.. Any advice in handling goodbyes?

As for another tear, as in tear of joy, JORDAN! So we stopped at Amman last time. Now lets visit some places that’s close to Amman and they are divine!

Jerash, Jordan
Jerash, Jordan

As I’ve said. Getting around Jordan is no easy task. I would be shocked if you have never took a taxi in Jordan, unless you know how to drive. From Amman to any city, minibuses are quite popular and they are freaking cheap too! It took me 1JD (approx 1.25EUR) to get there. Sounds great right? NO. These minibuses have absolutely no timetable whatsoever and they depart whenever the minibus is full. On the minibus, I waited for more than an hour and it’s still not going as there were two empty seats to fill. I was so freaking impatient and the clock was ticking. So I paid the extra 2 sits to get him going. ARRRRRRRG!

Jerash, Jordan
Jerash, Jordan

Jerash is gorgeous and overwhelmed with Roman ruins, history, and tourists.. lol. As I was wearing my Qipao and taking my pervert selfies, I saw two Asian and thought they were Korean. End up I met two awesome Chinese and became great friends and traveled to several places in Jordan!

Jerash, Jordan
Jerash, Jordan

Jerash, Jordan
Jerash, Jordan

Meeting these two Chinese was definitely a highlight of the trip and they have accompanied me for a long time! Without them, my trip will defintely be much less fun! They seemed to be enjoying having a crazy chick around them as well. This weird girl in Qipao and climbing up and down, here and there. lol

Jerash, Jordan
Jerash, Jordan

The Church of Apostles, Madaba, Jordan
The Church of Apostles, Madaba, Jordan

Onto Madaba, where my nightmare begins. As like Jerash, I took a minibus getting to Madaba, and it is famous for its mosaics. However, not all are well preserved as the one above. Some just requires some imagination, photo tuning, and it loosk like..

The Church of Apostles, Madaba, Jordan
The Church of Apostles, Madaba, Jordan

It’s no easy looking for ways in Madaba as people do not speak English like people in Amman. And they are generally more traditional. Apart from the jerk who fucking grabbed my ass! Was so pissed that I chased him down 3 road and still missed the chance to catch him! FURIOUS!

Madaba Archeological Museum, Madaba, Jordan
Madaba Archeological Museum, Madaba, Jordan

Unfortuntately, these were the only things I saw in Madaba thanks to the fucking ass grabbing idiot. After grabbing my ass, I chased him everywhere pretty much like Tom and Jerry until he vanished in the middle of the road, a really nice guy asked what happened. I said “POLICE!!!” and he was like.. “oh police.. WHAT?!?! POLICE! POLICE! POLICE!” he then brought me to his family with his mom, his wife, children, aunts and nieces, my oh my. Such a lovely family!! I couldn’t be more thankful for meeting him and his family!

But for more of Madaba (or Jordan in general), I highly recommend having a quick look of this website:

Deadsea, Jordan
Princess Fiona visiting Dead sea, Jordan

And last stop for the day / week is Dead sea woohoo! It was such a freeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing experience! It was winter in Jordan and the beach is absoutely empty and I was the silly one who ran down the coast and my nipples were harden right when I took my dress off MAUHAHAHAHAHA. Yep. Inappropriate I know, but you’re already used to it. ūüėČ

Deadsea, JordanDead sea, Jordan

I paid 60JD (Approx 74EUR) for an idiotic idea of pampering myself and maybe I’m just born to not deserving any treats cox this Dead Sea Spa Hotel is an absolute crap! (See here) Hotel is freaking dirty, facilities are horrible, and none of the showers worked in the freaking beach area and THEY are the one who suggested washing off every 20mins soak? WTF? Paying 60JD for absolutely no service with no safe guard, and that so called indoor heated pool was freeeeeeeeeezing cold. So my advice is, DO NOT GO!

Dead Sea Spa Hotel, Jordan Dead Sea Spa Hotel, Jordan

Can’t wait to share more awesome experience in Wadi Rum and Aqaba next Sunday!!


That Girl in Qipao

Qipao from Koon Nam Wah (See more) Chinese version only
Shoes from Tory Burch

Be My Valentine

Vanished. Gone. Pretty much wrapped up my life for the past two months.

But some pretty big changes in my life recently, at least to me and I can’t believe it is happening. Exciting, terrifying, and dilemmatic.

Back to my blogs, to be honest, I really miss here, and I miss traveling, and I miss Jordan. Way, wayyyyyyyy to much!!

Yes I know, more photos, less talking. FINE. Here you go, the breathe-taking Jordan!

The Citadel, Amman, Jordan
The Citadel, Amman, Jordan (Click here for Citadel, also known as Amman Castle)

The Citadel, Amman, Jordan
The Citadel, Amman, Jordan

The Citadel Dome, Amman, Jordan
The Citadel Dome, Amman, Jordan

I constantly feel the shame visiting these beautiful and magnificent historical sites and yet know none of the stories behind. And if you’re one of those embarrassed person like me, I highly recommend any, yes, ANY museum in Jordan, as they are informative, well organize, and in the Citadel, there’s an archeological museum that I have spent a whole hour!!

The Citadel, Amman, Jordan
Overview of Amman from the Citadel, Amman, Jordan

First impression of Jordan you ask? Right. I wish I know how to drive. Public transport is definitely NOT existing and as a solo traveler for years, I have never took so fucking much taxi in my whole life. I won’t be able to survive in Jordan withuot taxi and if you are wearing a Qipao like me. HA. Don’t. Taxi drivers (or arabic men at large..) keep trying their luck and ask if you need anything and they can be a bit handsy. Yikes. Nonetheless, as Allah is watching them 24/7, just keep saying no politely will keep them away.

Jordanian, Chinese
A super nice Jordanian and the Chinese girl, well, me, on the edge of the Citadel, Amman, Jordan with the Roman Theater at the back

There are tons of people asking me for picture as they rarely see an Asian female solo traveler, not to mention in their traditional Qipao. I’m like a freak to them. As one of them asked for picture, tons came, and it became endless. It was fun at first, then they made me feel like a declawed lion in a zoo. Nonetheless, I’m really happy to have share this funny experience with them ūüôā

The Roman Theater, Amman, Jordan
The Roman Theater, Amman, Jordan (For more, click here)

The Roman Theater was 2 mins taxi drive away from the Citadel. Highly recommend doing it on the same day, and if possible walk there instead of being a dumbass like me. Why? Cox I took a freaking TAXI! Hooray. Almost got ripped off for 10JD (12EUR). BARGAIN HARD! Or like me, just take it for free. MUAHAHHAA. Oh, there’s the museum of Folklore and Popular Traditions (click here) in the Roman Theater worth visiting if Amman is your first station in Jordan.

The Roman Theater, Amman, Jordan
On a one story high window near the Roman Theater, Amman, Jordan WTF.

As always, I can’t really refrain myself climbing here and there, and it is not exactly a good idea wearing a Qipao in a muslim country. Jordanians are super √ľber friendly and they are just beyond! I ask two freaking nice Jordanian to take a picture for me, and as I climb this freaking wall, they hand my stinky shoes to me. Oh my.. And they are HOT! lol
Art Hotel, Downtown, Amman, Jordan

Art Hotel, Downtown, Amman, Jordan

I’ve stayed in the Art Hotel (Click here for hotel) for a week and it is FAB and chic! Love love love!! Manager there is freaking nice and rooms are clean and it wasn’t expensive at all, mainly because it’s a new boutique hotel located in downtown Amman. AWESOME location if you love local food as much as I do. It’s one of the most local and touristic place in Amman I reckon.

Cafe, Paris Circle, Amman, Jordan          Paris Circle, Amman, Jordan
Cafes around Paris Circle, Amman, Jordan

If you can’t stand the touristic places and are looking for slightly more relaxing place in Amman, I totally recommend Paris Circle. It’s not far from downtown and you can go there by foot. There are countless awesome cafes for coffee, shisha (fucking good and cheap in Amman!), and read a book. GOD I miss that so much!

Antique Shop near Paris Circle, Amman, Jordan
Antique Shop near Paris Circle, Amman, Jordan

I love collecting beautiful antique pieces, and this place. GEEZ! I am so excited when I found it! Everything there are gorgeous,  and guess what. EVERY SINGLE THING THERE STILL WORKS! I wish I can live there. And the best about this place, is the lovely owner. He is a retired Arabic teacher loves fixing antique pieces. Chatted with him for 2 hours and I will definitely go back and visit him and his magnificent shop!

IMG_0628  Antique Shop around Paris Circle, Amman, Jordan

The Antique Shop and the lovable owner <3, Amman, Jordan

Al-Hamawi, Mecca Mall, Amman, Jordan

If you’re looking for edible souvenirs, Al-Hamawi (click here) is freaking cool. It’s a chocolate and sweet shop in the Mecca Mall. People there are so nice and friendly and I’ve tried tons of their sweets and they are delicious! There are not much malls in Jordan, and they are locating pretty much next to each other. So Mecca Mall (see here) was the place I fetch souvenirs including candies and dead sea mud. Dafuq I brought mud all the way back to HK? Thanks to all my dear friends in HK. Anyways, if you’re as nice as I am (lol), then go to the supermarket in the basement of Mecca Mall and I find it more trustworthy than some of the pharmacy. I found Jordan Deadsea Mud product made in Thailand in pharmacies muahahhaa.

I can go on for daysssssssss just for Amman and I truly love it.

Pleaseeeeeeee bear with me for more Jordan travel next week!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


That Girl In Qipao

Qipao from Koon Nam Wah (See more) Chinese version only
Shoes from Tory Burch

Next Station, Jordan

Can’t believe, in 3 days, I’ll be kissing the Amman airport in Jordan. Time flies!

But for this week, despite busy work tasks and school revision and tests, I’ve managed to take some selfies in Sheung Wan, a gorgeous area around mid-levels!

I first went to the Western Market in Hong Kong, and to be honest, I haven’t been there since a long while as it is more a place for tourist. The amazing Edwardian style was very popular in England from 1901-1918. They have renewed it and it’s now a nice place for visiting, and photo-shooting, for course haha. (Click here for more information of Western market)

On the 3rd floor, if you’re a Qipao aficionado like me, then come and choose the fabric you desire and the store will recommend you different tailors for making your own Qipao, which it cost around 1,800HKD (230USD) for the tailoring.


Fabric market in Western Market, Hong Kong

West Market, Hong Kong

Random window in Western Market, Hong Kong


Doing push up while faking the easy peacy face in Western Market, Hong Kong lol


Outside Western Market, Hong Kong

NEXT! Hollywood Road, one of my favourite chillax place in Hong Kong!


If you’re up for nice bars, nice restaurants, nice cafe, nice shopping, nice whatever, Hollywood Road is definitely your place to be! Well at least I personally enjoyed it a lot!


Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

Along Hollywood Road, you can almost find everything you need. There’s a place called PMQ which is open recently for local artists and art exhibition. There are also some big(ger) brands like G.O.D. and Vivienne Tam’s shops there. PMQ is as well a renovated place like Western Market. It was the former Police Married Quarter (hence PMQ. DUHHHH! I literally googled for it. S.T.U.P.I.D.) There are also night markets on selected Friday nights, be sure to check here before you head to the night market!


Old post box, PMQ, Hong Kong


PMQ, Hong Kong


PMQ, Hong Kong.

Along the Hollywood Road, you can also find millions of stair and alleys leads you to __________ (input any possible answers). It is definitely a treasure hunt! It will take you multiple visits to actaully know what you can find! It’s insane and it’s still full of surprises for me!

This time, I found a small alley with graffiti everywhere! Cool contrast with my Qipao eh?


Random alley along Hollywood Road, Hong Kong


Surprised succesful selfie #jumponefeetup Random alley on Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

Restaurants along Hollywood Road

Small restaurant on one of the stair along Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

To be honest, I am really surprsie about the photo quality of my iPad mini. For god sake, I’m just taking selfies and I’m impressed and beyond satisfied with the photo quality. The app I use for all these selfies is Timer Camera. Even though the quality of the photos are not as good as Camera, the installed app, the photos are not bad still right?

Can’t wait to see Jordan WOOHOO!!!

Till next week,

J. That Girl In Qipao

Qipao: Shanghai Tang (Discontinued, for more Qipao, Chinese home decor, Jewelleries, and men’s wear, see here)

Shoes: Tod’s Ballerina (Discontinued, see similar here)

Fascination UNAPPROVED!

Much like relationship, where people are always seeking your parents approval, (Well at least it’s common in Asia) my fascination with Qipao does not have much support from my Dad.

He says: You don’t look good in Qipao. Especially with your glasses. *Plang* Sound of a breaking heart..

Okay. I have to admit my geeky glasses and Qiapo are not the best match. Like I have a choice. Nonetheless, my love for Qipao did not and will not die. Muahahhaa!

This week, I’ve instantly fall in love with this G.O.D. modern Qipao, which I have accidentally came across.

G.O.D. Qipao

She’s sooooooooo cute! And somehow reminded me of DVF wrap dress. I didn’t take her home though as I couldn’t handle these prints. (Secretly weeping..) (Click here to bring her home!).

This gorgeous is super easy to pair! It goes with ballerinas with a mini cross-body bag (see here) for brunch or a girls’ day out.

For a more glammed up look, simiply throw on a pair of pumps and take your clutch (here) with you. BOOM you’re good to go.

Interestingly, there are two Chinese Wrap Dress by DVF. Yep, they are perfect, but then, they are 5 times the price of the G.O.D. ones! Well, I’d say.. GET THEM ALL?

DVF China Wrap Dress

Get DVF China Wrap Dress here

Apart from Qipao, G.O.D. carries quite a wide selection of products like Chinese style furnitures and decoration too. No I’m not advertising, but I wish I am. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like discount? *sigh* Too bad they don’t show all products on their website as they have nice furnitures and home decor!

The best thing is, this company ship everywhere too!! (Fine. 30 countries. Like it’s a huge difference. See here)

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J. That Girl In Qipao

Photos courtesy of G.O.D. and DVF

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